‘Withering Looks’ at Connaught Theatre

‘Withering Looks’ at Connaught Theatre


Award winning comedy Withering Looks is at the Connaught Theatre, Worthing at 2.00 pm and 7.30 pm tomorrow (Saturday January 17th).

Who is Mr. Moorcock of Ravaged Heath House and what does the maniacal laughter coming from his attic mean? Do unfulfilled souls really wander over the wild and heather-clad moors? Who should Cathy marry, Heathcliff or David Niven?

Peopled with many of the characters we know and love, Withering Lookstakes a satirical look at the lives and works of the Bronte sisters – well, two of them actually, Anne’s just popped out for a cup of sugar. It has won a Manchester Evening News Theatre Award and the Critics Award for Comedy at the Edinburgh Festival.

Presented by LipService, winners of The Stage Door Award for Excellence at the Manchester Theatre Awards 2013 and Britain’s favourite literary lunatics, as they celebrate 25 years since the launch of this multi award-winning cult show. To mark the occasion, Maggie Fox and Sue Ryding could hardly turn down this opportunity to dust off their crinolines, wear flattering bonnets and sit at rained-lashed windows in a pale and decorative manner… 

Tickets are £18.50 with concessions £2.00 discount and Friends £15.00.

The Connaught Theatre is at 3 Union Place, Worthing.