WKDS invite you to a Tropical Retreat

WKDS invite you to a Tropical Retreat


Worthing Kids & Dapper Snapper (WKDS) invite you to their Tropical Retreat from 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm on Saturday March 1st at the Maybridge Keystone Centre.

Relax among the palm trees to the soothing sounds of the ukulele. Lay back in a deck chair having your nails and facials done whilst being brought fruit cocktails by waiters. Learn to meditate in the cushion filled tented, relaxation zone.

Have a massage, reflexology or reki session in the therapy hall and enjoy the buffet in the retreat’s cafe. Win wonderful prizes in the raffle.

Price for WKDS Members is £10 including three short treatments or one long and one short treatments. Price for non-members is also £10 but includes one long or two short treatments.

Long treatments: Full body massages, reki and reflexology for 30 minutes.

Short treatments: Head & shoulders massage, nails, facials, hairstyling, hand massages and make up tips for 15 minutes. The group meditation class is also classed as a short treatment.

Buffet and drinks are included.

Money raised will pay for day trips for WKDS children.

WKDS is a charitable organisation representing a large group of parents all have whom have a child with a special needs of varying ages.

The Maybridge  Keystone Centre is in Raleigh Way, Worthing.

For further information call: 07570 468893 or e-mail: info@wkds.org


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