Worthing Daily presents Labour

Worthing Daily presents Labour


Worthing Daily asked all five political parties standing in the Worthing Borough Election on Thursday May 22nd to ‘set out their stall’ for Worthing’s electorate.

Third up is Labour:


Worthing Labour Party – Borough Council elections 2014

A confident and active Worthing Labour Party has candidates in each ward offering every voter in Worthing the opportunity to vote for the Party that really cares about protecting local services – the buses, the housing, the street cleaning, the parks and open spaces, the libraries and all the other important services provided by the Council.

We feel that the Council is in real need of members who are prepared to speak up for hardworking people and pensioners and to fight for the services they rely on. For families hard hit by the coalition Government policies, local services have become even more important – and Labour understands that.

Labour believes Worthing residents have been poorly served by successive Tory and Lib Dem led Councils and that they deserve better.

Better local services provided and run locally.

Better housing policies to ensure good quality housing for all

Better leisure services that provide for the needs of all ages

Better support for the businesses and services that can create a vibrant and thriving town

We are concerned that there has been no effective opposition to the Tory led Council over recent years. The car park scandal is a particularly good example. £800,000 of our money has been handed over to the NCP and no-one on the Council is accepting responsibility for the debacle.

The Lib Dem opposition on the Council has done nothing and it’s Labour that’s asking the questions the Lib Dem group should be asking. We are demanding that the residents of Worthing should have a full and honest explanation of what went wrong with the NCP contract and why it has been so costly for Worthing Council tax payers.

Labour councillors elected this month would continue to provide an effective opposition to the ruling Tory administration and be your voice on the Council.

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